A good gamertag is a statement of intent which announces that you’ve arrived! It’s the Batman to your Bruce Wayne. So you have to stand out, not only to showcase your virtual personality, but also to uphold the reputation you earn in the gaming community. When it comes to playing online multiplayer games on Xbox Live and other platforms, it’s not just a game. A strong gamertag suggests you mean business and you are confident of your gaming skills.

So now that you’re all ready for action, let’s get down to learning how to come up with a cool virtual identity. Here are a few things to keep in mind while trying to come up with a good gamertag.

Build a gamertag that is based on your favorite/popular game

Every gamer has a few games that are closest to their heart. There will always be one or two games that you not only like more and are good at, but you will also end up spending most of your time playing it. So it is a great idea to use elements from your favorite game to create a cool username. You could either use the title of the game or an interesting part of the storyline to pick a name for your profile. This is a great way to show where your allegiance and strength lies, and command some attention and respect in the process. If you find a name cool enough, make sure you check if it’s available as it will help you claim it even faster

Use your favorite characters from your favorite games for inspiration

Creating an awesome Gamertag from the name of your favorite game is no walk in the park. You have to find something that is unique. Something that sounds great that you can relate or connect with. And most importantly, something that is available. So look for inspiration from your favorite character, or from a list of your favorite characters across a larger variety of games. This will help you in having a bigger pool of options to choose from and truly create a unique and exciting virtual alias, one that you can take pride in.

Look to your hobbies for inspiration

Our hobbies and interests play a big part in shaping our personalities, right? It’s not just who you are underneath, but what you do that will truly inspire you to create a new identity for yourself. So your hobbies will definitely help you in coming up with a tag that defines your virtual personality, be it Surfing, Basketball or Crossfit. You can use some elements from your hobbies while ideating on a cool name. The advantage with having a hobby based tag is that you are extremely likely to come up with something that has not been occupied. And it’s really personal too

Watching movies, reading books and listening to music are hobbies everyone enjoys. Look to inspiration from your favorite movie, book characters or musicians and bands to create a tag that truly stands out. Oh, and there is a lot of scope for wordplay with using hobbies for inspiration.

Create a mysterious gamertag

Having a Gamertag that is mysterious or is a riddle invokes curiosity. Take it from us, gamers often want to unravel the meaning behind Gamertags that they don’t understand. As gamers, we often have this need to decode things, which is why such names often get the attention they warrant. The icing on the cake is this inadvertently helps in being different from other generic gamertags. Words like killer, assassin, monster, plague are very common and don’t stand out at all. But something that is vague allows you a lot more freedom to be truly creative with picking a name and allows your username to be set apart from all the common, uncreative ones around you.

Use a random name

The best part about coming up with a good gamertag is that it can be anything you want it to be, so why not try something random? Gamers you know will tire themselves silly trying to figure what the meaning behind your seemingly carefully crafted, deep and meaningful tag is. But those rookies won’t know there is NONE! Just a random tag, something that is appealing to you and at the same time is quirky enough to be classified as random and crazy. Hey, if you’re crazy, why shouldn’t your tag be too? Just a word of caution, while going for a random Gamertag, don’t actually use the word random in your name. It just makes it very dull. You could try to auto generate a random Gamertag, go through a bunch of these before you choose one that you really identify with.

Use a different language

A new language opens up a whole new world of possibilities. If anything, it is likely that you will be able to come up with a good username that is truly unique much faster than you would in English. Unless of course, English is all you know. Different languages have often combined their forces to help gamers come up with a great virtual identity. So you could even consider combining English and another language to create a tag that makes other gamers turn green with envy.

Personalize your gamertag

Look at something personal for inspiration. You have no obligation to come up with a tag that inspires everyone else. It should just be something that you like and is important to you because that’s what it is about. YOU! If you have a pet you really love or a nickname, you could use that as an anagram. An Anagram is a rearrangement of a word to create another word. So personalize and add mystery to your tag by using an anagram. And don’t forget, your Gamertag is about you.

Have a funny gamertag

Who said only serious tags can be cool? Some of the coolest and most memorable names have had a generous quotient of humor associated with it. Using your wordplay skills or a pun is not at all bonkers. If you have a funny bone, this is as good an opportunity as any to come up with a funny name. Just make sure that you’re not being abusive and your language is not derogatory, as Microsoft will change your tag without any notice if it violates their naming rules. So when you create a funny tag, make sure to keep it clean and be genuinely funny.


Beyond these ideas, you only have to keep one thing in mind. A gamertag is going to be your identity in the gaming world, so it should be something you can connect with and wear proudly like a badge of honor.

Click here for ideas for a cool Gamertag. You can also check for availability of all the Gamertags you have in mind. You only get one free change, so make it count!