A Gamertag is of utmost value to a gamer. What makes it so important, is that it is the alter ego, the virtual identity of a gamer in the Xbox world. A gamer’s credibility and honors are all linked with the gamertag, and their reputation among the gaming community is closely linked with their gamertag. The cooler the tag, the more respect you will garner. While the gamertag is in essence just a username, having a great one is a non negotiable for every gamer.

The way a gamertag is generated is when you first sign up for a Microsoft account. A random unique gamertag is generated. Most gamers are not happy with a randomized gamertag and would rather choose a tag that suits their gaming personality. You are allowed to change your gamertag once for free. Any additional changes to tag come with a cost implication.

That is not all! There is a set of rules and functions that you must keep in mind while changing your gamertag:

  • A gamertag must be completely unique to a user, more than one user cannot have the same gamertags.
  • You can choose from 200 different languages to pick your tag.
  • If you have a gamertag that is already taken by another user. You will be assigned the gamertag followed by a # and number. For e.g, if you want ‘darkstorm’ and it’s assigned to someone else. Microsoft can assign you ‘darkstorm#2’
  • Maximum character limit for a gamertag is 12 characters.
  • Avoid using non-English characters, Microsoft will in any case show English characters. So stick to the English characters.
  • Emojis and special Characters cannot be part of a gamertag.
  •  You are allowed to change your gamertag for free only once. Every subsequent change costs $9.99
  • Microsoft reserves the right to change your gamertag at any time. (This is not something you should be concerned about as Microsoft would only change your gamertag if it violates any of their name policies)
  • Keep in mind once you change your gamertag, the one that you last used becomes available and someone may just snatch it from you.

Ways to change Xbox Gamertag for Free

There’s four ways of changing your gamertag for free

  1. From Xbox One Consoles
  2. From Xbox 360 Console
  3. From Xbox Gamertag online
  4. From Xbox Console Companion App

1. Changing Gamertag for free from Xbox One Consoles

  • Click on the Xbox button to open the profile tab.
  • Once in the profile section, click on the picture on the top left hand on the screen.
  • Click on your profile and select the My Profile option.
  • Once your profile page opens, select the Customize Profile selection on the right side of the screen.
  • Your existing gamertag will appear on the left with a pencil icon next to it. Click on the pencil icon in the gamertag dialogue box to edit your gamertag. Some suggestions for a gamertag will appear; you can choose to see more suggestions by clicking on more, additionally there is also a “Make My Own” option.
  • Select the “Make My Own” option if you have a name in mind for your gamertag. Type in the name you want and hit the Enter button. If you get an error like ‘That name isn’t available. Try a different one’ . You can also use the gamertag checker feature on this website.
  • It means the gamertag you want is already assigned to a different gamer and you can either add a #and a number or you will have to pick another gamertag.
  • Once you choose a gamertag that you are happy with and is available you just have to click on the claim it option and your new gamertag will be updated and will be ready for use.

2. Changing Gamertag for free from Xbox 360 console

Changing your gamertag from Xbox 360 console is largely similar to changing it from Xbox one. Follow the steps below to change your gamertag:

  • Go to the social option and sign in.
  • Click on your profile and then select settings and in settings open your profile page.
  • Choose the edit profile option.
  • The first option in the list would be the gamertag option. Pick that option.
    A window that says “Change Gamertag” will pop up. Choose “Enter New Gamertag” if you have a name in mind or Get Suggestions for automated gamertag suggestions from Microsoft or use our gamertag generator tool.
  • Once you choose “Enter New Gamertag”, A keyboard will appear, allowing you type the name you want. If it’s available, the Gamertag available window will pop up. Select “Yes, use this Gamertag” or “No, edit it” button in case you want to change it again. Once you have edited it again,select the Yes, use this Gamertag option.
  • The next and the final option will be the Confirm Change Button. Click on it if you are sure about the new gamertag and your new tag will be immediately available for use, this will be confirmed by a congratulations window that will pop up confirming the change and a continue option to continue gaming.

3. Using Xbox Gamertag Online

This option is best suited for people who do not want to type on the on-screen keyboard on xbox consoles and want to change the gamertag online. While being able to refer to the web and getgamertag.com for multiple options for a cool new username.

  • On your web browser, type in the url, social.xbox.com/changegamertag. Once you are on the site, login to your Xbox account.
  • A dialogue box, asking you to choose your new gamertag will popup. Enter your new gamertag and click on the check availability button. If your gamertag is taken it will either Microsoft will make some suggestions to your gamertag to be able to distinguish from anybody else who may have the same tag. This would normally mean the gamertag you want would have # and / or some numbers towards the end.  For example: If you want ‘darkstorm’ and it’s not available, Microsoft will suggest ‘darkstorm#21’
  • If you don’t want the numbers at the end. Choose a unique gamertag that is devoid of numbers and click on the “Change Gamertag” option. On the confirmation screen click on the “Change Gamertag” option again and you will see a new success window confirming the change.

You can use this option to change your gamertag from your Android or IOS phones.

4. Changing Gamertag for free from Xbox Console Companion App

For Laptop and Desktop Computer users. Xbox has developed an app called the Xbox Console Companion App. It is available for download on Microsoft Store. Windows 10 OS is the only prerequisite to install this app on your computer.

  • After installing the app, open the app and login to your Xbox account.
  • Select the Gamerpic icon on the left of your screen.
  • On the next screen select the Customize option and click on the Change Gamertag option.
  • Type the Gamertag you want, check for availability and if the tag is available claim and confirm the change.

The App can be used for the one time change that is free for any subsequent change you would be redirected to the payment options screen and pay $9.99 to change your gamertag.  It is important to keep in mind that your previously used gamertag would be available for grabs and someone else could claim it. If you use any offensive or abusive language in your gamertag, Microsoft will change it and without notice. You get one free chance to change your gamertag, so we recommend you make the most of it and consider a bunch of names before choosing one that you identify as the best.