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In the gaming world, a gamer’s username is considered to be the person’s foremost identity. Choosing the perfect username can be quite intimidating at times. Usernames, also known by other terms like user ID, Gamertag and the like cannot be changed repeatedly. The other thing is that it may not always be available. This makes it really difficult to come up with the perfect username.

What’s in a username?

A username represents a gamer’s online personality. For a serious gamer, a username means a lot. Besides giving the players the benefit of anonymity, it is something that makes them appear powerful and intimidating. This works as a psychological advantage over the opponents as they do not know if the person with that username is actually worth it or not.

Apart from being a source of intimidation for opponents, usernames can help you form associations in the online gaming space. A cool username can influence others to include the person in a team game. Therefore, anyone who is new to the world of online gaming should consider choosing an ideal username as a priority.

How to choose the perfect username?

Choosing a username may appear like a daunting task but it can turn out to be one of the simplest things in the world when you follow this simple trick. Choose a name that reflects your inner self. Remember that you will be projecting yourself as the name that you use for your online avatar.

A lot of gamers create usernames with modifications of their real names. For example - Jackadelic. Others use their choice of interests for creating the perfect names. For example - BieberLover. Some even use names of fictional characters from popular movies, comic books, etc.

While having such names is fine, it has become quite common and stereotyped. You should rather opt for a name that is unique and interesting. Unlike social networking sites, gaming platforms are not places where you can imply your good looks. Therefore, choosing cute and adorable names is not a great option. Your username should be such that your character intimidates other players.

A common problem that users face while creating usernames is that once they come up with the perfect username, it is already taken. In such cases, you can simply change characters or add some new characters to the name so that you get a unique name once again.

In case you do not find the perfect name and you do not want to spend your valuable time trying to come up with new names, you can use our Gamertag generator for Xbox. This tool gives you a host of names to choose from. You are likely to find your perfect username here. So, look no further. Try this Gamertag generator and get that awesome username you always wanted to have.

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